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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Today I had a revalation.

Little background here. I left early from college (engineering) to take a sales job. I made good money. I worked that job for some time, first on the retail side of the business then moving onto commercial accounts. I did quite well selling. I had "it" they said (the gift of gab, the ability to B.S., or whatever you want to call it). During that time I discovered that I really didn't like people that much. In the business I was in I didn't see people at their best, at least not often enough anyway. I left sales to get back on the engineering side of things and I found a job that I still very much love. Fast forward to today....This summer my wife and I decided to open this little photography business and I've discovered something yet again. I actually do like people. I'm taking a break from editing a senior shoot to write this and there has been a smile on my face since I sat down at this computer. The effect looking at smiling faces over and over again has on me is astounding. This really makes me happy. The same is true when I'm shooting. Looking through that camera and seeing all of those smiling faces is awesome. Makes me smile Very Happy Thanks for listening, take this for what you will.

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