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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Workshop day 2.....

Well as I'm sitting here in my hotel room finishing my editing from today. I'm looking out my window and seeing the fireworks in South Philly from the World Series Celebration. A pretty cool way to top off a pretty cool day. It was cold as "insert inappropriate comment of your choice here" today but we went to the old State Penitentiary downtown for our session. The models were very gutsy and never complained at all in the very cold and windy conditions. I was dressed pretty warmly and my butt was freakin' freezing. None the less I was again surrounded by some amazing photogs and I enjoyed getting to see how they work. I again tried shooting in ways that I don't normally subscribe to and I'm loving the extra tools I'm gaining by doing so. Here are few images I managed to capture from the day.

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Anonymous said...

I love the one of her picking up her dress. That would be a great album backdrop for a bride page! Did the birds just happen to there? or did that come with the cost of the class????? Either way what a great shot!!!